When we’re young, getting wounds was almost a right of passage. It was a result of rough-housing with your siblings or running around outside with friends. Usually, these wounds then quickly turn to scars as the healing process takes over, that is, depending on the severity of the wound. Wound care healing can create a condition much more serious depending on the depth of the wound and the type of microorganism causing the wound.

“The better the wound care the smaller the scar”

Do you know the myth that as we age our skin becomes more susceptible to damage, which can make us more susceptible to wounds that could be fatal? What’s even more interesting is that 80% of females are estimated to be more prone to wounds when compared with males. So, are you getting your wounds tested regularly ladies? If not, you should talk to your physicians!

Diagnosis of infection can be a very challenging task. It is further complicated when biofilm is present since there aren’t any diagnostics center tools available to detect the different kinds. If not addressed promptly, these infections can become systemic, leading to sepsis, multiple organ failure, and death. The first step in wound care is learning the history of the patient along with a full physical examination.

Most wound infections are diagnosed cl犀利士 inically, with laboratory testing used to provide further information to guide management. It is only necessary to swab a wound if there are clinical signs of infection, causing the wound to deteriorate, increase in size or fail to heal. If swabbed unnecessarily, it leads to unwanted complications. So, it is advisable to consult your physician beforehand. 

The way the wound will heal is affected by the factors listed below.

  • A delay in the patient presenting for medical attention.
  • The site of the wound, e.g. wounds near the anal area are at increased risk of contamination.
  • Continued trauma or pressure to the wound site.
  • Predisposing medical condition, e.g. diabetes.
  • Older age, Obesity, and Smoking.
  • Poor nutrition.
  • Immunosuppression associated with either illness, e.g. AIDS, or medicine.

To overcome the issue, Genesis is offering a complete service for your wound care. Genesis Diagnostics is redefining wound care pathogen identification with Gensisdx / WC. Offering six different specialized panels that can detect up to 46 pathogens at once per wound type. This level of specification, combined with the most advanced technology, is the first step to achieving successful wound healing.

The test is designed to detect pathogens and/or bacterial agents surrounding the wound, potentially causing discoloration and foreign particles to be present in the infected area. This test helps with ruling out the cause of infections from bacterial pathogens.

When you choose Genesisdx to help with caring for your wound, you are getting the best wound care service available.

  • We provide an accurate diagnosis within 24 hours
  • Detect Pathogens that may not be detectable by culture
  • Decrease Healthcare costs

When you get the correct results back quickly, you won’t run the risk of being exposed to an unnecessary drug that could have adverse effects. Wounds get misdiagnosed all the time which causes patients to take antibiotics that end up making the situation worse. You don’t want to be in that situation!



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