Clinical Reference Laboratory

Clinical Reference Laboratory

You might be wondering what reference laboratories are dependable when meeting the needs of your organization.

Oftentimes it is commonly known for clinics, physicians, hospitals, and big organizations to have trouble finding a clinical reference laboratory phone number that can provide accurate results in a quick and timely manner.

Genesis Diagnostics fortunately can do both! Our developments, innovations, clinical expertise, and recognizable customer support have highlighted us to be one of the best known Reference Laboratory.

These 4 points will ensure you want to work with us immediately.

Reference Laboratory

1- Our Developments

Genesis Diagnostics has clinical and technical expertise from a network of Genesis’s clinical reference laboratory results throughout the world.

Our clients include physicians, government agencies, managed care organizations, hospitals, clinical labs, and pharmaceutical companies. 

Our research and development team are PhDs focused on medical and technological advancements so lab efficiency and quality are guaranteed.

2- Innovative

Our up to date methods and technologies perform complex developed tests. We have 13 different tests ranging from molecular to genetic testings to provide clients the opportunity to extend their services in a wide range.

3- Clinical Expertise

Providers are able to best consult with their patients by having the assistance of laboratory directors and Ph.D. scientists.

Our team of experts can help you with any inquiries about the explanations of results and the technological advancements Genesis Diagnostics provides.

We enable healthcare providers to detect genetic alterations or medical conditions at treatable stages and allow for personalized medical plans.

4- Customer Support

We are known for our world-class customer support. That’s what we do! We want our customers to always be a top priority at Genesis Diagnostics. To make our process seamless and smooth for our clients and customers, we assist our providers with any concerns that they may have towards billing or test order. 

We want there to be no confusion and for our customers to be best satisfied with our work. Genesis Diagnostics provides field support with our account executives to guaranteed orders to be accurate and receiving results are clear and simple. Let us help!

Why miss out on extending your services when Genesis Diagnostics makes it so simple for you to do! Our developments, innovation, clinical expertise, and customer support are just a few of our recognizable features while working with us. 

Interested in choosing Genesis Diagnostics as a Clinical Reference Laboratory now? Let’s talk more! Call us at (267)-212-2000 to get in contact with our clinical experts to help guide you through our process and assist you with any inquiries!



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