Impact of past

Hey Folks……………….! Hold on for a second and tell me what were you think about right now? The chances are very high that might be thinking about something in the past or about the future. Yes, of course thinking about the future or past sometimes.

Why we stay in the past?

Sometimes, it gives us a pleasure to think about the happy times we had in the past and the exciting thing that is looking forward to. But, the mistake that happens with most of us at this point in time is we stay in the past or the future and we don’t come to the present.

  • Filling our present with negative thoughts.

We end up making our present full of negativity that is not even happening now or might not happen even in the future. Future thinkers lose enjoying the happiness of the goals they have achieved by focusing犀利士
on setting goals. Past thinkers enjoying the things they have today focusing on the things they have lost in the past.

  • Craving for the unseen thing of the future.

Unfortunately, we miss out on the things we have with us at present and do all that is possible to own something unseen which belongs to the future. And, gradually we stop focusing and valuing the things that are there right in front of us.

  • The emotions get stirred when you go to that unpleasant story.

All of us would have gone through an unpleasant situation in our lifetime. And when we start or thinking speaking it to someone, we would experience fluctuations in our emotions, usually anger, sadness, or regret. And, we don’t leave it over there. We carry on those emotions as far as we can.

  • Bound in the past.

Most of us are the prisoners of the past that have already happened to us. We tend to carry the burden of unpleasant things that we won’t set it down.  Yes, it is a part of us and there are lots that we have to learn from them.

But, what most of us fail to do is that instead of using it as a stepping stone under our foot we place it like a burden above our head. This is where the actual problem arises.

“Remember then: there is only one time that is important and it is now! The present moment is the only time when we have any power.”



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