how to increase immunity power naturally

How to boost your immune system

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the Nation, you may be wondering how to increase immunity power naturally. Genesis Diagnostics has compiled a list of tips that will help make your life easier while improving your immune system.

how to increase immunity power naturally
how to increase immunity power naturally

How to Increase Immunity Power Naturally

Sometimes strengthening your immune system can be easier said than done. Most of the time people do not know where to begin. But what people do not know is that making simple dietary and lifestyle changes can build up your immune system tremendously.

Even though these objectives below cannot specifically fight against COVID-19, it can definitely boost your immune system to help aid your body against it. 

Genesis Diagnostics recommends making these few changes to your everyday routines to help your immune system and mindset.

1- Eat More Whole Plant Foods

The more whole foods you incorporate into your eating habits, the more nutrients and antioxidants your body will absorb against harmful pathogens. Nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and legumes are great sources of whole plant foods that have many nutritional benefits. 

One of the symptoms COVID-19 demonstrates is inflammation. Including whole plant foods, especially the ones listed previously, will contain the antioxidants that can decrease inflammation and combat unstable compounds called free radicals. This can overall reduce the duration of the common cold and sickness.

2- Limit Added Sugars

Consistently consuming added sugars and refined carbs have been linked to disproportionately to overweight and obesity in humans. Individual犀利士 s should aim to limit their sugar intake to less than 5% of your daily calories. Doing this can decrease inflammation and aid in weight loss which will reduce the risk of future chronic health conditions.

3- Moderate Exercising

Engaging in moderate exercise can improve your immune system. Prolonged and intense exercise can actually decrease your immunity. Brisk walking, steadily bicycling, jogging, swimming, and light hiking are a few ways to help your immune cells regenerate regularly.

4- Manage Your Stress Levels

Long-term stress can promote an imbalance in immune function. It is vital to manage these stress levels to have strengthened immune health. Activities that can help you manage your stress are yoga, journaling, meditation, exercise, and other mindfulness practices.

5- Getting Enough Sleep

Last, and most importantly, getting enough sleep every night. Sleep and immunity are closely tied. A poor quality sleep pattern correlates with a higher susceptibility to becoming sick. Seven or more hours of sleep each night will help your body rebuild and strengthen natural immunity.



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