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Why Genesis ?

We offer personalized service which is a combination of efficiency and accuracy. We provide you with a safe, quick, and comfortable lab experience. The wait time would be zero and excellent customer service. We rely on a paperless system that is faster and user-friendly to access the reports faster. All the testings done by us are in-house. This means that the results are accurate and fast.

Testing Highlights

Toxicology service is part of emergency care. These include poison information centers, toxicology labs, and clinical units. Toxicology tests that can help in the diagnosis and management of poisoning due to pesticides, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals have been developed. Our lab is equipped with all facilities and is being upgraded to provide quick results to physicians, who treat poisoning cases. We also provide bio-monitoring facilities for occupational exposures and tests are also developed based on the demand of industries.

Toxicology is a scientific branch that encloses biology, chemistry, pharmacology, and medicine that is the study of the effect of chemical substances on living organisms The relationship between dose and its effect on the exposed organism is of high significance in toxicology. Toxicologists are experts on poison and poisoning. 

"The world is a laboratory to an inquiring mind."