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Why Genesis?

We offer personalized assistance which is a blend of efficiency and accuracy. We provide you with a safe, quick, and comfortable lab experience. The wait time would be zero and excellent customer service. We rely on a paperless system that is faster and user-friendly to access reports faster. All the testings done by us are in-house. This means that the results are accurate and fast. 

Testing Highlights

The goals of cardiovascular testings are to manage your signs and symptoms, prevent your condition from worsening, and reduce your risk of complications. Treatment varies by which type of cardiovascular issue you have. Some types of cardiomyopathy run in families. Thus, your doctor may suggest genetic testing to look for the disease in your parents, brothers, and sisters, or other family members.

Any heart disease in which the heart muscle (myocardium) weakens can be known as cardiomyopathy. This broad term covers many conditions, all of which result in injury to the heart muscle and impaired heart function Cardiomyopathy often leads to heart failure.

“I consider nature as a vast chemical laboratory where all kinds of composition and decompositions are formed.”