Charge Entry Process in medical billing is the first step in the medical billing process. It begins with filing claims for charge entry services provided to patients and creating bills, it’s all done electronically to shorten the revenue cycle days.

Patient demographics and medical codes applied to charts are appropriately verified. Every claim is verified to check: DOS, POS, Provider Info, Units, Modifiers, CPT code, Facility billed from, Referring Doctor in order to reduce the chance of claim rejection. Your fee schedule is taken into consideration and bills are raised accordingly.

Our billers also submit claims to clearinghouses to make sure that 100% accuracy is maintained for all our clients. CMS 1500 forms are also generated to submit to government agencies.

Our billers ensure layers of a quality Charge Entry Process in Medical Billing before submission of claims that ensures 100% clean claims submission the first time.

Our Charge Entry services include:

Manual check is done by our billers in order to ensure accuracy.

A random quality audit, using statistical data.

Medical Billing Process