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Genesis RCS is one of the world’s leading anesthesia billing company for anesthesia billing software solutions providers for your needs, we give you all the tools you need to manage your claims process in one place and to ensure that your claims management and patient billing process run easily for a lifetime.

Anesthesiology practices and anesthesia-oriented revenue cycle management require very specific capabilities, accurate coding, and functionality when it comes to billing and collections.

Our Anesthesia Billing Software Offers:

  • To ensure that there is no overlap in billing time, check.
  • Base units are associated with process codes for “precise-every bar” results.
  • ASA Crosswalk Coding.
  • Variable units pricing based on insurance for quick reimbursement.
  • Start/stop time or time unit versatility.
  • CRNA billing when needed.
  • Financial / Management KPI, Analytics, Reports, Dashboards; Export capacity for Excel.
  • Anesthesia EDI with millions of EDI transactions annually through our system.
  • Approximately 100% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims.
  • Real-time claim tracking.
  • Easy denial management and active alerts on claims are likely to be denied.
  • Anesthesia EOB cohesion through ERAs.
  • The patient’s statements as to the remainder immediately become their responsibility.
  • Collection agency-type functionality with anesthesia-oriented A / R.
  • Secure Patient Online Payments.
Genesis Anesthesia billing company is available if you need comprehensive anesthesiology revenue cycle management services.
Anesthesia Billing Software
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Anesthesia Billing Company Offers

Genesis RCS and You.

Genesis RCS provides timely implementation, extensive training, and excellent ongoing support with updates. We perform data conversion from the integration of existing systems and other systems, hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic devices, and more.

Mike Stuart

Why Choose Genesis RCS

“We have been Genesis RCS, clients, for almost thirty years. Genesis RCS is highly intelligent medics premier financial and management system for anesthesiology supports nearly 100% first-time success rates on our claims that help keep our revenues consistently solid. It is packed with special-specific features, including concurrent checking, variable unit pricing, versatility or time units at the start/stop time, CRNA billing, and producing more comprehensive and interesting analytics and KPIs. Without question, Medics Premier is a major system for us!”.