Progesterone 1101

CPT Code(s):

  • 84144

Preferred Specimen:

1 mL serum

Minimum Volume:

0.5 mL

Special Instructions:

Do not add on progesterone testing to a barrier gel specimen older than 24 hours

Transport Container:

Serum Separator Tube (SST)

Transport Temperature Name:

Room temperature

Specimen Stability Components:

  • Room Temperature: 24 hours
  • Refrigerated: 7 days



Reference Range:

<0.25-0.56 ng/mL Ð Male<0.25-6.22 ng/mL Ð Female, Ovulation, Day off<0.25-0.54 ng/mL Ð Follicular Phase1.5-20 ng/mL Ð Luteal Phase<0.41 ng/mL Ð Menopause

Reject Criteria:

Serum stored on barrier gel for more than 24 hours ¥ Do not order progesterone testing as an add on to a barrier gel specimen older than 24 hours. Progesterone binds to barrier gel causing decreased values

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