Occult Blood Test

CPT Code(s):

  • 82272

Preferred Specimen:

CENOGENICS© tri-slide inoculated with a thin smear of stool. Each tri-slide is to be inoculated with three separate specimen collections, or three separate locations on a single specimen collection.

Special Instructions:

Using the wooden applicator stick, collect a small sample from bowel movement on the end of applicator. Apply a thin layer of specimen inside the test window. Each sample should be taken from a different part of each dayÕs stool to increase the probability of detecting occult blood in each specimen. Since bleeding from intestinal lesions may be intermittent, it is recommended that specimens be collected for at least three consecutive days.

Transport Container:

CENOGENICS© tri-slide card (Do not refrigerate. Protect from heat and direct light)

Transport Temperature Name:

Room temperature

Specimen Stability Components:

  • Room Temperature: 48-72 hours

Testing Schedule:



Guaiac stool occult blood test slide method

Reject Criteria:

Bulk stool ¥ Specimens not received on CENOGENICS© tri-slide cards ¥ All other specimen types ¥ Specimens older than 72 hours

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