Beware of Wounds: Your Next Foe

When we’re young, getting wounds was almost a right of passage. It was a result of rough-housing with your siblings or running around outside with friends. Usually, these wounds then quickly turn to scars as the healing process takes over, that is, depending on the severity of the wound. Wound healing can create a condition much more serious depending on the depth of the wound and the type of microorganism causing the wound.

“The better the wound care the smaller the scar”

Heart with bandages

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Patients are medical consumers, not just patients – Direct to consumer testing

With increasing diseases and Infections, there is a demand for physicians whereas on the other hand with increasing patients there is a demand for new technology. This is where Direct to consumer testing (DTC) comes into the picture. An overtaken advantage of patient’s fear for life has made them pay outrageous fees. This stereotype will now end with the help of DTC.

“Country which provides a good Healthcare is considered to be the wealthiest country”


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Key to unlock your Health aspects at the doorstep – Direct to Consumer Testing

Advances in rapidly developing Innovation within Healthcare have created ways where you can access services for your own health needs at your doorstep. Now you have the option to take control with certain tests and skip the part where you wait for the Doctor’s office to get back to you with the results. This is called Direct to Consumer Testing and it is obviously growing in popularity.


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Redefining the US Healthcare with one stop solutions- Genesis

Have you ever thought of getting the world’s best healthcare system?

To be frank, no man wants to say no! As a privately owned US headquartered organization, we feel prestigious to find ourselves amidst of world’s challenging healthcare. We the fully licensed CAP-accredited (The College of American Pathologists) Healthcare in Pennsylvania. We work hard to provide an excellent service that our customers deserve.
Here in Genesis, we provide various customized client services.                    


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