Patients are medical consumers, not just patients – Direct to consumer testing

With increasing diseases and Infections, there is a demand for physicians whereas on the other hand with increasing patients there is a demand for new technology. This is where Direct to consumer testing (DTC) comes into the picture. An overtaken advantage of patient’s fear for life has made them pay outrageous fees. This stereotype will now end with the help of DTC.

“Country which provides a good Healthcare is considered to be the wealthiest country”


Yes, DTC was first implemented by the UK and now It’s time for US Healthcare to show off. Dozens of companies currently offer DTC for a variety of purposes. The most popular tests use genetic variations to make predictions about health, provide information about common traits, and offer clues about a person’s ancestry.

Most of the time, Diagnostic testing is done through healthcare providers such as physicians, nurse practitioners, and Healthcare counselors. They follow a series of steps including,

#1. Healthcare providers determine which test is needed

#2. order the test from a laboratory,

#3. collect and send the sample,

#4. interpret the test results, and

#5. Share the results with the patient.

#6. Often, a health insurance company covers part or all of the cost of testing.

Direct-to-consumer testing is a way different:

#1. tests are marketed directly to customers through Internet platforms

#2. the tests can be bought online or in stores

#3. Customers send the company a sample

#4. receive their results directly from a secure website

DTC provides people access to their information without necessarily involving a healthcare provider or health insurance company in the process.

Several trends are continuing to shape the direct to consumer laboratory testing market including the growing demand for early disease detection and diagnosis, personalized medicine, the importance of disease monitoring and expanded technologies. With increasing internet usage, patients are now aware of their health. This paved a way for Patient-friendly relationships with doctors as they wanna know about their health and control over their personal information and testings.

Genesis Diagnostics, one of the leading healthcare expertise is now into the mission of providing its customers to ease free service with Direct to consumer Testing with a new face. Wait for us until we provide you the elaborated description of the testings to be offered.

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