Key to unlock your Health aspects at the doorstep – Direct to Consumer Testing

Advances in rapidly developing Innovation within Healthcare have created ways where you can access services for your own health needs at your doorstep. Now you have the option to take control with certain tests and skip the part where you wait for the Doctor’s office to get back to you with the results. This is called Direct to Consumer Testing and it is obviously growing in popularity.


DTC testing is a service that is offered by companies, retail and clinical diagnostic laboratories directly to the consumer. As the fastest growing sector, US Healthcare ranks #1 in utilizing the fruits of Innovation. The healthcare industry will always face pressure to increase efficiency and quality. This creates a challenging atmosphere for many health practitioners, medical payers, and supportive healthcare industries to provide optimal health that is being demanded by patients. Out of this demand created the DTC market, where consumers are now able to skip their healthcare providers and get results straight from the laboratory developing them.

The prevalence of chronic diseases among the adult and older populations such as cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), type 2 diabetes, diabetic retinopathy, and age-related macular degeneration are contributing to increasing customer awareness about DTC testing. Despite little evidence of significant consumer uptake, consumerization has garnered extensive media coverage, provoked much public controversy and stimulated considerable academic research.

As of right now, Genetic Testing is occupying 85% of the DTC market, so many have focused their laboratories on just this option. At Genesis Diagnostics, our top priority is customer satisfaction which we feel includes providing options, genetic testing is just the most commonly used form. Our objectives also include Test Accuracy and a secured result panel, so we take steps to confirm identification before results are given. When you use Genesis Diagnostics, you’re getting the best service a laboratory can provide since all your tests are safely done between our laboratory walls. We do not ship any tests out to be done.

We bet that we offer you the best services at affordable prices. Our team is keenly working with Clinical testing packs, which will be revealed in the near future. Remember Genesis when you’re considering getting any testing done in your future.

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